A video from the green nation and plans for MICE

The Slovenian Tourist Board recently released a video- “Time to #stayhome. Turn to nature and dream’. The video was created by the production company TENT led by Slovenian photographer Ciril Jazbec. It reached more than 300,000 web users in just a few days of its launch.

Since last year the country had worked assiduously with various stories. The culinary delights of Bled. Star venues of Maribor and Ljubljana. And descriptions of the country’s castles and other tourist attractions. The plan was to go full steam on Slovenia’s potential as a popular MICE destination. But Covid19 put a halt to the best of plans to all in the world. Now Slovenia is picking up the threads and trying to pursue its offer once again.

The series of articles in 2019, called “Star Locations” was a year-long project of the Slovenian Convention Bureau. Its chief purpose was to showcase the Slovenia Meetings brand through eight articles. Based on four seasons, four key MICE products in the four so-called experience regions – meetings in the cities, meetings in the Alps, meetings in the health spas, and meetings on the coast and the Kras.

The idea was to inspire corporate travellers. The attempt was to appeal to those looking for new destinations and fresh ideas. The travelling enthusiast or expert convention planners too were the focus. Undaunted by the Covid19 challenge, the state board has not shelved the aim at all. In the post-Covid scenario of the world, they haven’t given up on Slovenia’s position as a convention, conference or incentive destination.

This video underlines the country’s green landscape like no other. Truly, one can barely wait for Corona to be vanquished so we can all fly to green pastures!

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