Wise men use Wiseman for the safety of certain precious objects.

While travelling, one does need to keep precious stuff safe. Wrapping things up in special boxes is always a wise thing. At airports, there are the usual cling wrap machines to protect luggage from scratches etc but that’s not enough. For precious instruments and other objects, there is an alternative that is way ahead and grades above.

Wiseman London makes bespoke Carbon Fibre and leather Cases and offer the same service for many other objects.  It all started with Howard Wiseman, the man behind the company, who crafted a case for his bassoon- a musical instrument which he had to lug to school.

As mentioned on the company’s website, the small tubular case Howard made for himself was less than half the volume of any regular case and could be easily slung over the shoulder or worn as a backpack. Soon his teacher asked him to create one for him as well. Being Principal bassoon in the English Chamber orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, his teacher was Howard’s perfect first customer! Before long the “Wiseman” tubular bassoon case had spread throughout the professional circuit in London.

After that, the rest is history. Wiseman founded a company and discovered a willing market for his craft.

Today using the highest quality of Autoclave Carbon Fibre and leather, the company hand-crafts commissions for luxury luggage, Shotgun cases, Jewellery cases, Photographic cases, Golf travel cases, travel and storage chests. For use in performance cars, yachts, aircraft and homes, these can all be made and designed to the customer’s specifications. The company produces high quality, handcrafted, and musical instrument cases. It has been doing this for over thirty years, often protecting instruments worth many millions of pounds.

Now Wiseman London is offering to custom design and use their expertise to create beautiful and functional cases and objects for any individual’s needs. They will be there at Elite Events London which will be held at Wycombe Air Park near London.

Check it out at the show.

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