A helpful assistant that helps keep you safe from hidden cams, intruders and similar sinister stuff.

Travelling and whizzing through public places and overnights at hotels is any traveller’s routine. However, one can never be safe enough. Introduced at iF Design Award 2020, this discreet little device protects you against intrusion, either physical or by hidden camera. It alerts to the presence of hidden cameras in hotels, rental rooms or public places. The red LED light emitted by the device is reflected by the camera, illuminating the red dots on the device.

It also has a “mobile alarm” function, which detects even faint movements, alerting you to an unwanted physical intrusion. This is the perfect travel companion to keep you and your belongings safe.

Designed by Shenzhen LoveDesign Co.Ltd, it won an award in the ‘products’ section of the iF Design Awards this year.

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