Noor Mahal is more than just one of India’s most majestic luxury palaces. It is designed by India’s noted architect Himmat Singh and vetted by Nimish Patel, his famous colleague from Gujarat. In these difficult times of the pandemic, the hotel has taken a slew of initiatives to showcase its hospitality to the community.  The luxury palace has become the new shelter for front-line Corona warriors. The hotel has opened its doors to healthcare workers, police personnel and other essential service employees.

The hotel has gone a step further. It hasstepped forward to help stranded and displaced migrant workers and needy people in its immediate neighborhood of Karnal. The hotel has successfully distributed more than 70,000 meals in the March. It continues to distribute more than 1500 meals per day.

Roop Pratap Choudhary, Managing Director, Noor Mahal said, “We are strictly following government advisories and guidelines on hygiene and cleanliness. We are conducting awareness sessions on COVID-19 . This is for the entire staff. We are regularly organizing regular training sessions for our housekeeping staff. The aim is to follow high standard hygiene protocols.”

The hotel is taking special care of guest rooms’ hygiene between the arrival of the next guest. The resort’s staff frequently disinfects all the key touch-points in guest rooms, public spaces and office staff areas. That is important to ensure safe stay of the guest professionals who are dedicated to battling the virus.

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