RAINWRAP AND WINTERRAP: Stay dry without the bulk

This one could be for the return trip to London (or maybe Cherrapunjee) from sunny Spain (or perhaps Jodhpur). Sudden bursts of rain can ruin any travel (not to mention, walk in the park). And, no point carrying the bulky umbrella (even the folding variety).

Just leave the umbrella and raincoat at home. The hooded RAINRAP is a lightweight, waterproof and machine-washable alternative that comes with a travel pouch and fits in a glove compartment, suitcase – even handbag. Weighing an airy 8 oz, it provides a double-sided button closure for reversibility in a one-size-fits-all design. For those days or nights when a little warmth and comfort is needed, the WINTERRAP is designed with one side to repel rain and/or snow, the other with a soft flannel-like fabric to keep you warm and cosy.


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