CLIPS 2 BY TOPCOR: Don’t lose your marbles

This one too isn’t a flight accessory per se but for those moments anywhere in situations when you have to be hands-free for a bit and can’t afford to forget its bitsy travel things, wallet or stuff in your hands, this is a safe bet. Topcor introduces the copper Clipa2, a rose gold travel accessory that elegantly holds bags, backpacks and purses up to 33 lbs yet weighs just 1.6 oz. A customer top-rated pick, it goes right on the bag strap so it’s fast, accessible and easy to use. When you’re finished, just pull the strap and it automatically closes back into a ring. A unique design, quality craftsmanship thanks to jewellers “forever finish” and go-anywhere versatility means it can be used in hundreds of travel situations: ticket counters, restaurants, aeroplane lavatories and tray tables, movie theatres, rental cars, bathrooms with no hook on the door – the list is endless.

MSRP: $15.99.

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