ANA InterContinental Tokyo now offers its guests a new gourmet breakfast menu designed by the internationally renowned Michelin-star Chef Pierre Gagnaire. The breakfast is served at Club InterContinental on the hotel’s 35th Floor, a lounge exclusively for guests staying at Club InterContinental Rooms and Suites.

ANA InterContinental Tokyo is home to Chef Pierre Gagnaire’s highest restaurant in the world, and in November 2017, his gourmet breakfast was added as an exclusive Club InterContinental Lounge benefit in addition to other Japanese, Western or Asian table-order breakfast options.

Pierre Gagnaire’s latest breakfast selection, “Petit dejeuner par Pierre Gagnaire”, is perfectly balanced and comprises well-considered, healthy, wholesome ingredients, making this a great, energy boosting way to start the day. The new menu offers gourmet delights such as ‘Marinated salmon with dill, avocado, goat cheese and mango’, ‘Egg Mollet with shrimp coated in grapefruit gel’, ‘Crispy baked Italian bread topped with foie gras terrine with Iberian ham or tomato jam and shiso leaf’ as well as ‘Tartine PG’, creamy butter and honey.

The Club InterContinental Lounge at ANA InterContinental Tokyo acts as a doorway to another level of luxury. With peerless views from the hotel’s 35th floor, this lounge is the most spacious of its kind in Tokyo and provides Club InterContinental guests with the opportunity to work, relax or indulge in private seclusion.

The urban sophistication of Club InterContinental reflects the sanctuary that can be found in the many local temples and shrines in Tokyo. Moreover, the interior design was upgraded in summer 2019, with “Origami” motifs in the reception area, together with a number of enhancements using traditional Japanese craft methods to create a warmer and more sophisticated space. Added functionality for business use includes the provision of a large high table suitable for laptop users and the creation of a semi-private room for casual meetings.

Guests at Club InterContinental Lounge can look forward to a warm, personalised welcome as well as a remarkable selection of culinary delights including not only the extensive gourmet breakfast options but also a sensational afternoon tea, as well as evening cocktails served from the lounge’s dedicated bar. Thoughtful touches, such as the complimentary “tokyobike” experiences provide surprise and delight.

Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire has built his career as a chef working in both Paris and Lyon. In order to be able to work with his father, himself a Michelin-starred chef, Pierre went to hone his craft in the United States. After returning to Saint-Etienne, he took over his family’s restaurant.

In 1981, he set off on his own, opening restaurants in Saint Etienne that quickly garnered two and then three Michelin stars. He closed those restaurants in 1996, and six months later opened a new restaurant in Paris. In 1997, he earned two stars, and the following year he once again regained the title of three-star Michelin chef.

His artistic sense and delicious cooking has won him a continually growing fan base. In 2005, Chef Gagnaire opened his first restaurant in Tokyo, which was located in Aoyama until the autumn of 2009. In March 2010, this restaurant relaunched inside ANA InterContinental Tokyo.

He currently has a total of 25 restaurants around the world including Tokyo. In 2015, after a poll of over 500 Michelin-starred chefs from around the world, he was named ‘best chef’ by France’s authoritative ‘Le Chef’ magazine. His restaurant in Paris has achieved 3 Michelin stars for 21 consecutive years in 2019.

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