Scotland, always the idyllic countryside for hikers and those who love the outdoors, has added a new trail for the walkers. Connecting the Loch Ness 360° Trail is a new long-distance walking and cycling route around the striking Loch Ness landscape. Covering a distance of circa 80 miles, it will take you around six days to complete the trail, although the route can be split up into sections for more manageable experiences. Between the Great Glen Way with the South Loch Ness Trail, it is catching the fancy of the hiking enthusiasts.

Besides the joys of a bracing hike, taking in the city of Inverness, there are numerous spectacular sights and stopping points along the way. For those wanting to discover more about the history of the loch and the surrounding highlands, guided tours and bike hire are available. Keep your eyes open for the splendour of Urquhart Castle and the Telford Bridge on-route, alongside the Falls of Foyers, where the water cascades 165ft down over the clifftop.

The Loch Ness 360° Trail is split into six sections. Section One begins in Inverness and takes you around the loch. Follow them in order, and Section Six will bring you back to where you started. Each section takes around a day to walk, or half a day to cycle. Of course, if you don’t have time to do the full route, you can choose just one or two of the sections to follow.

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