Stay alert to get huge benefits for future travel.

Italy had it real bad with the virus. And it has hurt all global travellers equally. It’s really terrible to be deprived of visiting one of the world’s most loved countries for tourism!

Sicily is quite conscious of that it seems. Therefore, to encourage tourists to visit post-pandemic, the Italian island is showing it loves tourists. Sicily is now offering to pay for half of your flights and a third of your accommodation costs. As part of the deal, travellers will get one night free of charge for every three nights spent in one of the island’s hotels. Sicily Tourism will also offer free entry to many of its museums and archaeological sites.

The regional government has set aside €50 million to fund around 400,000 vouchers once borders open. Italy has suffered a billion plus Euros in losses and its eager to get the visitors back. So it has dangled enticing carrots for them.

To not miss out on this Sicilian opportunity travellers should keep their eyes peeled and check on the Visit Sicily site regularly. They have to check regularly for updates on how to grab these deals once they become available.

By May-end, the country is hoping to allow restaurants to resume normal service with due precautions. There will be a graded re-opening of other businesses too. There still isn’t a specific date for when things open up. This damn virus isn’t forever. Even if we have to live with that, it does help to stay aware of how to strike a good bargain.

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